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SWG Media is a full-service advertising agency that helps small and medium businesses flourish in the modern world. We provide website design, social media management, photography, video production, and branding. We are based in Gainesville, Florida and have 12 years of experience working with businesses to provide professional design and imagery.

Our History

SWG Media was originally founded as Spyder Web Global in 2009 with a focus on website design. Being just two years after the launch of the iPhone and one year after Android, we were the first web design company in Northeastern Arizona to effectively design for mobile. In the years that followed, we expanded into graphic design, including logos, business cards, brochures, and restaurant menus for local businesses. We expanded further by introducing photography and videography services, primarily for real estate and business promotion in 2018.

In 2018 Spyder Web Global was rebranded SWG Media to further emphasize the broad scope of marketing and media services we offer. In 2021, SWG Media relocated back to Gainesville, Florida, where we previously operated from 2013-2018.


Tyler Shultz - SWG Founder Tyler Shultz - SWG Founder

Tyler Shultz

Tyler founded SWG Media in 2009 as a conduit to pursue his passion for improving the marketing and advertising efforts of local businesses. He has extensive experience working with print and digital advertising and a background working with a plethora of business in all fields.

Tyler earned his Bachelor of Science in Advertising at the University of Florida, where he also served as the Digital Creative Director of Ad Society, a student-run advertising organization. He is an outdoor fanatic and enjoys hiking, skiing, kayaking, and mountain biking.

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